2365 mt. Tahtalı Mountain paragliding take-off areas are assigned to Olympos Teleferik company in Beydağları Coast National Park.

Our aim is to ensure that our guests always fly in the highest comfort and with the lowest risk.

Turkish and foreign single pilots should pay attention to the following requirements before buying their cable car tickets.

Single pilots:

1. Single pilots must have minimum P5 – Advanced-IPPI card level 5 and/or equivalent licenses.

2.Must have the necessary accident insurance

3. Must present the necessary documents to the reception office or to the staff in charge.

4. Must comply with the stated rules and instructions

5. Must pay attention to any warnings given by the staff in charge.

6. Must read, understand and sign the documents related to the rules and instructions specified before the flight.

7. Must ensure all flight equipment is complete.

8. Must allow the staff who is in charge to inspect your flight equipment if necessary.

9. Must comply with the air traffic rules during the flight.

10. Must Have a life jacket if pilots are planning to do emergency manoeuvres over the sea.

11. Must have a radio during flights, having the radio in working condition and having sufficient battery charge.

12. Must comply with the aviation NOTAM rules.

It is the responsibility of Escape Adventures to open or close the departure areas. All pilots in flight must take the warnings into account.

***** Licensing can only be done by the Federations affiliated to the General Directorate of Sports of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Air Sports Federation, Turkey’s equivalent of regulations related to licensing or certification of the language specified in Article 1 of the above will be searched for could not be completed.

***** APPI Paragliding license is not recognized as a required license.

I understand all of the above rules and declare that I will comply with them all.

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